The Lobkowicz Music Archive

The Music Archive contains more than four thousand musical artifacts, including both manuscripts and printed editions. These were assembled over a three-hundred-year period by principal members of the family, who were great patrons, enthusiastic collectors, and often talented performers and composers. The archive is particularly rich in music of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, including works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Cartellieri, the Wranitzky brothers and many other composers. The earliest section of the archive includes precious Baroque tablatures and French instrumental and vocal pieces from the 17th century. Today The Lobkowicz Library in Nelahozeves Castle houses the musical materials, with the exception of a collection of liturgical works known as The Loreto Music Archive, which is preserved within the Lobkowicz Family Archives.

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The music archive, begun around 1700 by Ferdinand August, 3rd Prince Lobkowicz (1655–1715), contains a rare collection of late 17th- and early 18th-century tablatures for lutes, mandolins, and guitars, as well as collections of instrumental and vocal music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Louis Lully, and Pascal Collasse. The collection of music for plucked instruments, which contains the world’s largest private collection of French Baroque lute music, includes lute and guitar works by remarkable composers such as Ennemond and Denis Gaultier, Jacques de St. Luc, Charles Mouton, Jacques de Gallot, and others.

Philipp Hyacinth, 4th Prince (1680–1734) and his second wife, Princess Anna Wilhelmina of Althann, were distinguished lutenists who also composed for their favorite instrument. The exceptional talent of the Princess has been well documented; she and her husband received training from the finest contemporary lute players, including Sylvius Leopold Weiss and Andreas Bohr. Lutes that once belonged to the princely pair are preserved in the The Lobkowicz Collections.

Ferdinand Philipp (1724–1784), their son and the 6th Prince, played the violin, harpsichord, and glass harmonica, and maintained contact with the celebrated opera composer Christoph Willibald Gluck, whose family had for generations been employed in Lobkowicz service.

The member of the Lobkowicz family with the greatest impact on the history of European music was undoubtedly the 7th Prince, Franz Joseph Maximilian (1772–1816). A talented singer, violinist, and cellist, Franz Joseph Maximilian was one of Beethoven’s foremost patrons. Beethoven dedicated the 3rd (Eroica), 5th, and 6th (Pastoral) symphonies to the Prince, as well as other works. An annual stipend provided by three of his noble patrons – Prince Lobkowicz, Archduke Rudolph and Prince Ferdinand Kinsky – allowed Beethoven the freedom to compose even through the economic hardships of Austria's wars with Napoleon. The annuity was continued by the 8th Prince, Ferdinand Joseph (1797–1868), eldest son of Franz Joseph Maximilian, until the composer’s death.

Along with the rest of the library, the music collection was confiscated by the Nazis in the 1940s. Between 1951 and 1998, it was held by the Music Department of the National Museum (later the Museum of Czech Music). In 1992 the archive was restituted to the family, and in 1998 joined the Library in its permanent space at Nelahozeves Castle.

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